Subscriptions And Connection Capacity

What does Connection Capacity mean?

When you subscribe to IceBrekr our goal is to provide massive value through a high number of profile discoveries each month. Connection capacity is the amount of profile (data) downloading you are able to do each month, and is related to the maximum number of profile connections per month you subscribed for.  If you have an annual plan the number of connections listed on the plan are the maximum number of profiles that are allotted for discovery during any particular month of the subscription period.

IceBrekr is designed to allow slightly more data download capacity than required for loading the advertised number of profiles to your discovery screen. This is why we say the “approximate number of connections” for the subscription plan.  We have an overage buffer built in (more data than advertised) because we realize at times there might be flickering internet connectivity, and therefore, in some cases the same profiles could be ‘rediscovered’ and re-loaded to your discovery screen.

Therefore, more data capacity is actually provided than the amount of megabytes needed to load your subscription level’s number of profiles to your discovery screen when connecting with other users.

How do the Subscription Plans work?

We tabulate the amount of data you use to connect and download other profiles to your discovery screen. When you have used all of your data allowance you cannot discover any more profiles. The way to begin discovering profiles again is to upgrade to the next level of subscription plan which increases your monthly number of profiles you can connect with, or you can buy a connection pack booster (coming soon).

It is not possible to move your paid IceBrekr subscription from an Android phone and the Google Play Store, to an iPhone and the Apple Appstore. Nor is it possible to swap the subscription the other way.  Therefore, if you change your phone and buy a new phone on the other OS platform (Google/Android or Apple/iOS), you will need to repurchase an IceBrekr subscription on that platform.

What happens when I upgrade my plan?

In case you have questions about what happens when your plan is upgraded we explain below.  The marketplaces for the two OS platforms, Apple App  Store and the Google Play store handle upgrades in different ways.

For Android Users

If you upgrade your plan from Entry Level Monthly plan to a Premium Level (Annual or Monthly) plan on a day other than your monthly subscription anniversary, your data allowance will be calculated with a proration. This means if you have used 50% of your data allowance on the day that is the halfway point in the month, and you upgrade to the next level up (for more connections), you will be prorated as if you have had the higher level plan all month. The final two weeks of that month will be allocated at 50% of the Monthly Total of connection capacity allocated to that higher level plan. 

For example, let’s say your current plan is approximately 500 connections and you upgrade at the very middle date of the month to a 1,000 connections plan. It is possible that you have used exactly 250 profile connections worth of data (50% of 500) at the halfway point of the month (for this illustration we’ll use these easy numbers). When you upgrade to the 1,000 connection plan, while at the halfway mark of the previous 500 connection plan–assuming you had only used exactly 50% of the previous plan–your new capacity from that halfway point of the subscription month until the end of the period after will be a total of 500 (50% of 1,000) connections, instead of 250 (50% of 500).

On the first day of the next monthly subscription period you will have a total of 1,000 connections total to connect with at any time during the subsequent monthly period during your subscription.

If you cancel your subscription before the end of the subscription period you will have access to the full remaining connection capacity until the end of that subscription period. If you cancel before the end of an annual period you will have access to your allotted connections capacity until the end of the year.  If it is a monthly subscription you cancel, the remaining connection capacity will be available until the end of that month’s subscription period.

Proration does not occur when you downgrade. Proration does not occur when you upgrade from the Premium Monthly to the Premium Annual plan.

For iOS Users

No proration occurs on iOS subscriptions. The upgraded or downgraded plan subscription, once upgraded or downgraded, will not begin until the end of the current period for which the user is currently subscribed.